Indiana Jones - Pyramids of Giza

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Comments (4)
Gabriel Angel Gonzalez Cerda - 12/05/2014
I learn Basic and probably "hacking" trying to understand and play this game, I remember how crazy I was about Indiana Jones, the game is full of bugs, I managed to fix a division by zero and in the struggle to try to make the game run, I saw many variables values in the code, later after die again and again more for not knowing English at all I changed the values for money, lives and other things, I expended more hours playing with the source code than with the game.
Muffy St. Bernard - 03/01/2008
Believe it or not, I wasted hours of this past summer playing, mapping, and finishing this game. :) My experience was that shooting monsters with my "riffle" was a waste of time and money, because you can just walk around them; they appear and disappear randomly, and the passages are so tight that they're rarely able to reach you. If they are, run away until another one appears somewhere, because only one can be on the level at once. Likewise the sarcophagus statues are randomly placed when you enter a level; if one blocks you (and you don't have the crucial item to remove it), you can save the game and then load it back; the sarcophagi are moved. Yeah, that's cheating, but the game is SO impossibly buggy that I think it's fair. There's plenty of fun when your weight goes into negative numbers, or items appear and disappear from your pack. :)
Paulio - 21/11/2007
Yes, Muffy is correct, from those screenshots this is "Beneath the Pyramids", originally published in 1981 if memory serves. Mike Potter, the author, also went on to code some of the best known games for Synapse Software, including the Protector, Protector II and Nautilus, one of the first split-screen games for the Atari 8-bit computers. "Pyramids" requires the BASIC cartridge to run properly. Buying the proper supplies is the key to winning, and unfortunately prices in the bazaar are random each time. Bullets sometimes cost 20 each, and if that happens you're in trouble. Hitting a monster with your "riffle" is mostly a matter of luck so you need lots of extra rounds. If you want to play to win, restart a bunch of times until bullets cost just 1-2 each, and buy dozens of them. Good luck... I wasted hours of my life on this game as a kid, and I hope you, the reader, will now follow in my footsteps.
Muffy St. Bernard - 15/07/2007
It's identical to the Crystalware "Beneath the Pyramids," right down to "Rifle" being spelled "Riffle." From what I'm seeing with these sorts of games, Epyx really DID commission or buy up Crystalware games (by Benioff).


Indiana Jones - Pyramids of Giza atari screenshot
Indiana Jones - Pyramids of Giza atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - RPG (2-D)Year1985
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper

Potter, Mike

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Indiana Jones - Pyramids of Giza Download

Additional Comments

Not 100%. Very buggy and crashes.

Any other info on the program wanted! Our guess is that this game was a remnant of the dated Crystalware line and submitted to Epyx, which rejected the project.
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