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Gwobby - 02/01/2012
Found this info for Fire One which is an excellent game so get playing ;)

Synopsis by Matthew House
From the arcade and onto the Commodore 64 comes Fire One, a shooter involving two rival oceangoing fleets. In order to win, you must take control of one fleet and demolish more units than the other. Beforehand, there are some options to consider. There are two settings: Admiral and Ensign. While the Admiral setting is best suited for novices, Ensign is for seasoned veterans.
Also, the time can be altered from one to 99 minute battles.

Once the settings have been made, it's time to eradicate the enemies. Action takes place at the bottom of the screen as rival units cruise around the water. Your fleet is located at the top of the screen. No action takes place on this portion of the screen except for automatic animated results of enemies' attacks.

As enemies cruise around, you must launch torpedoes towards them. Enemies include carriers, hydrofoils, cruisers, mammoth battleships, oil tankers and the elusive PT boat. To destroy one of these foes, the crosshairs must be aimed in coordination with the target's location. The aiming mechanism features two lines: the horizontal line represents that direction the torpedo is fired, and the vertical is for precision and location.

While a torpedo may hit the rival unit, it might not sink it. In order to sink a foe, a direct hit must be scored. Direct hits involve firing toward the middle of the target. When a direct hit is scored, bonus points are awarded. Points are also awarded when a torpedo comes in contact with a rival unit.

When time has expired, the round is over. A win scenario involves sinking more units than the computer-controlled fleet; a loss is rendered when the computer has demolished more units. The win/loss screen is shown and informs the would-be general as to who has won more rounds

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Fire One! atari screenshot
Fire One! atari screenshot
Fire One! atari screenshot


LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherEpyx
Programmer(s)LicenseOn Commercial Compilation Only
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