Fire Chief

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Pete Davison - 24/03/2019
Does this game not have any box art? Was it only ever released as part of one of those English Software "Atari Smash Hits" compilations? I've been trawling the Internet and can't seem to find any inlay/instructions materials anywhere!
Summer - 23/12/2016
A good game that could do with better balance between the sections. The car section sits between being too easy if you just follow a fast moving car or too hard if you try to swerve amongst traffic. Well presented, easy to get in to. Worth a look.
Jonny EOL - 19/02/2011
Despite the fact that you're saving software discs rather than people, this game sums up the heroism of the firefighter quite well, zooming past slow traffic to reach the blaze, then dodging and extinguishing the flames. Well presented and easy to get into.


Fire Chief atari screenshot
Fire Chief atari screenshot
Fire Chief atari screenshot
Fire Chief atari screenshot


LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherEnglish Software (UK)
PlayersCountryUnited Kingdom

Huntington, Tim

Graphic Artist(s)Medium
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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