Castle Quest

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GD - 29/04/2020
This seems to play fine on APE/SIO2PC, but on an emulator (Altirra or Atari800Win), the clock drops by 50 every time I move the joystick (without pressing the button). Anybody know why or how I could fix it? I've turned off the real-time clock and calibrated the joystick in both emulators to no avail...
eppy2000 - 22/03/2008
A fairly, if somewhat repetitive game in which you try to make your way out of castle while avoid being done in by creatures (if memory serves; it's been so many years now). Each room has a key that unlocks a hidden exit, and you have to avoid touching both the walls and the creatures. The fire button grants you a one time use (per room) freeze spell to help your quest. There is also a quirk to the game that I discovered way back when. If you pause the game after you complete a level (via CONTROL-1) you can move your player around before the screen is drawn. Move your guy to the opposite end of the screen, and hit CONTROL-1 again. This lets you finish each screen without having to play it.
Muffy St. Bernard - 14/07/2007
Get through ten rooms without touching anything but the two keys in each. It's "Berserk" on the cheap (with random monster movement). Press joystick button to freeze the room. If there is a space in the bottom or right wall, it's a "secret door" you can escape through. In the tenth room, capture the wizard; there are three wizards (thirty rooms). Jeez, I remember typing this one in.


Castle Quest atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year1983

Baldwin, Timothy G.

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[n/a]SerialVol. 5 / No. 7
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From volume 5, issue 7 of Compute! dated July 1983.

Also released without authorization as Parsifal.
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