Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

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Comments (15)
JJ - 22/08/2016
I loved the original, but when I finally played BBSB I was let down. The fake perspective on the platforms makes jumps way more difficult than it should be (you have to pretend the perspective doesn't exist).
Punkydudester - 21/12/2014
One of my favorites for sure. It had a lot of replay value.
Baz - 30/09/2013
A textbook example on how to create a good solid platform game. Was pretty tricky but had enough humour, challenge and gimmicks to keep one returning to it. Very entertaining. I never did complete it, but had much fun trying to!
Atari Frog - 19/06/2012
How about paying attention first? The Aackosoft release is definitely a "9" and you'll find the cartridge version under Big Five Software where it belongs...
bountyBobme - 15/06/2012
Why is this at a 9? There are at least 2 to 4 cassettes on eBay at any one time. Cheap to. Why is Bounty Bob listed as cassette only? Shouldn't there be a cart icon, that should be listed as 8 or 9.
Level42 - 14/10/2010
The best platform game ever. On any system !

Visit !!!!

The most brilliant hi-score table EVER, I could NEVER figure out how they re-arranged the letters when there are more names on the table...

Love it !
Gwobby - 26/04/2009
Wow a level designer - C'mon now pleeeease:-D
John May - 25/04/2009
I can't think of a better platform game - always hoped the Big Five team would bring out more in the series.

The saddest thing though is Tim at Databyte UK had a level designer for it but it never got released.
Gwobby - 20/04/2009
C'mon it's better than Miner 2049er: the levels are too easy and on the harder difficulty some are physically impossible due to the speed of the bugs. BBSB is much more challenging and has more screens. Plus BBSB has the unique controlled jumping! Both exceptional games though :-)
Retro Kel - 19/04/2009
This is quite possibly the second best platformer ever made for the Atari - the first best game of course being Miner 2049'er. Both games were absolutely great to play and I still enjoy playing them on the emulator now. Nowadays of course I know all the levels off by heart (Sad or what?) so I don't have to try and work out how to get to the next level.
Still great games to play even now - anyone who has never played these games - GET THEM NOW!!!
Richard - 02/08/2008
Robert, I also bought this tape version in the Netherlands. And I also "played it to death". I always admired Bill Hogue from cramming this much fun into the old 64k 800XL! A few years later I got this game on (boot-) disk. That was quite a relief! No more "13 minutes left to load" (see screendump above).
Robert - 08/07/2008
This is in my opinion the best platform game on the Atari 8-bit. I played it to death. The Dutch Aackosoft tape release was in an incredibly big box that could easily contain 8 normal tape covers. But it only contained a bare tape and a poster with instructions.
Jonny EOL - 11/11/2006
A mostly outstanding platformer, with all sorts of features and surprising (it's got the best high-score table ever, bar none). Could have done with a few more 'skip previously completed levels' options - getting beyond Level 5 in sitting was an exercise in patience.
Darry Conlan - 01/02/2006
There is a standalone .exe playable on Windows at
You can play Bounty Bob and Miner on your PC!!
Thomas Smailus - 17/01/2006
As a fan of Miner 2049'er, I've been wanting this game since I heard of it, but as it won't run on an actual Atari for the US (PAL/NTSC differences in ROM) - so I'd LOVE to finally be able to play on an emulator.. but alas, there is no image! ARGH! I do have the floppy (PAL) - can it run on a standard emulator if you feed it the PAL ROM?


GenreArcade - Platformer (Single Screen)Year1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAmericana
Players1, 2 (alt.), DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

Hogue, Bill

Graphic Artist(s)

Mikolyski, Curtis



Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

Aackosoft, US Gold, Big Five Software.

Also appears on the Platform Perfection compilation.

Missing original tape image!


Bounty Bob Strikes Back! Atari tape scan Bounty Bob Strikes Back! Atari tape scan
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