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Gwobby - 14/02/2018
A lot of Atari User Magazine Disks including the "Ten of the Best Games" ones can be found here:
Claire - 09/02/2018
I used to love this game, the last time I switched on my atari it still worked. But i can't find the disk for this ANYWHERE ! gah! :(
Jonny EOL - 26/09/2008
Found's on Bellcom PD disk 422 if anyone is looking for it!
Jonny EOL - 26/06/2008
Yes, it was on '10 Of The Best Games' with 9 screens - the type-in version only had 3. It's one of the last Atari games I liked that I haven't yet found in any form. I have the floppy disc at home, but doubt it'll still work.
Auntie Pastie - 08/03/2008
I believe that this was an expanded version of an "Atari User" magazine type-in listing (it was on a compilation disk of 10 of their best games).
At any rate, I remember various members of my family having quite a lot of fun with this.


LanguageBASICPublisherAtari User
PlayersCountryUnited Kingdom

Baxter, Michael A.

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