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Comments (27)
max - 20/08/2019
The original version.
Fantastic 8 bit game. Huge, fast, stress, chocking, complexity, super accurate, tricky, it play with a lot of different moods. It makes me cry when the rocks fall it hurt like if it was real. ;)
I played it on the Amstrad CPC and green monitor with very sharp graphics. A8, CPC and C64 are lucky to have this gem perfectly executed.
My fav was the BD 3 (in space).
Monty Mole - 22/12/2015
I grew up with the C64-version from Boulder Dash. But I must admit that the controlling in the Atariversion is a bit better.
Even as C64-fan I prefer the Atari XL version.
Monk - 30/04/2015
I have heard that some people think the Atari version of Boulder Dash is somehow better than the C64 version.

Isn't the gameplay pretty much 100% identical? Where is the real difference?

The only differences I can see are:

- different sound effects (C64's are slightly better imho, except some sounds)
- different color palette (C64's are better, although Atari's COULD have been better, but the color choices are oddly bland and grey, where they could have been colorful and beautiful)
- different waveforms used in the title screen song

.. no matter how I scratch my head, I simply cannot perceive any other differences.

For all intents and purposes, besides those very tiny differences, the versions are:


This is another very difficult game that I just can't play, because I always make some mistake that screws up the levels where you have to focus a lot and work long and hard to dig for a few measly diamonds, or where I can't think fast enough with the levels with the 'fireflies' and other enemies running around.

I wish there was a version of Boulder Dash that had the exact same difficulty as the first two levels - those represent my skill level for this game perfectly, and I can complete those levels with relative ease.

The difficulty curve is just too steep with this one - two levels are perfect difficult, and then it becomes incredibly hard.

But, it's atmospheric, fun while it lasts, and a neat and original idea.

Because of the difficulty, I never was a fan of this game. But I guess it's good for those that are skilled enough and can play difficult games.
Overtonesinger Filip - 15/02/2015
Best game ever!
I programmed in C++ a freeware PC DOS version of the B.DASH CONSTRUCTION KIT back in 1997. :-) ... It even has fluent scrolling (in assembler!) on 386-33 MHz. Runs even today in Dosbox. I used the original ATARI graphics with all the correct palletes. :-)
OnkyC - 09/03/2012
THE best for the 800, had it on disk, played it all day...
Sam - 21/06/2011
I believe this was originally written for the Atari. First played it on the C64. Both versions are almost identical but I think it plays better on the Atari.
marquisor - 23/12/2010
best port imho, plays way snappier than on c64, i wonder if the construction kit caves are compatible with other ports and vice versa?! 8.5/10
Cubretti - 05/09/2010
OMG, I played Boulder Dash in 1987 when I was about 10. In Russia we called the game "Little Ant" or "Diamonds". Also I played SPECCY version but it has poor graphics and sound. My vote is 10.
baz armstrong - 08/11/2009
This has to be one of the best games ever!
holgibo - 06/11/2009
This is one of the greatest computer games of all time! I played it 25 years ago and I even enjoy it playing this game today!
Yungstar - 23/10/2009
while it is surpassed by more modern games, this has to be the best game ever due to time spent playing it.

a true classic..
krm_mayadagli - 07/08/2009
This is best games on the world !
Rastafarout - 16/07/2009
t,was a great game.i loved the music...(am humming it now)
elias - 25/05/2009
love it, love it since i was 7~~~
Scott Wozniak - 15/09/2008
Absolute classic.
Brygadier - 05/01/2008
Boulder Dash was GREAT.
One of the best games for Atari 800XL/65XE.
Jeff - 30/10/2007
while i may spend little time with it now. it still goes down as my most played game EVER in the past 25 years or so..
Atari800XLFan - 15/09/2007
I luv it, the best game ever....10/10
modul-man - 26/05/2007
absolutely outstanding
atari 4ever - 24/04/2007
This is best games on the world !
Rafael - 19/01/2007
This is one of the best games that I ever played for my old Atari 130Xe. Even today i still can play it and enjoy it like a 20 years ago.
penge - 06/05/2006
Surprising how playable this game is, even today!
Nixon - 17/04/2006
great classic :)
Jac_Cac - 07/08/2005
Great idea. Great implementation. A true classic.
Rafal - 06/03/2005
Absolutelly "MUST HAVE" game ever...witty idea, good presentation...I spent long months with this game...
Pamela - 08/09/2004
I love this game is one of my favourites, just to get insane excelent
Franck - 19/02/2004
This game is really a must!


GenreArcade - Boulder DashYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMirrorsoft
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]
Players1, 2 (alt.), DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

Gray, Chris / Liepa, Peter

Graphic Artist(s)

Liepa, Peter


Liepa, Peter

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Boulder Dash Download

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

First Star Software, Prism Leisure Corporation.

Also released in the Super Boulder Dash combo.


Boulder Dash Atari tape scan


Boulder Dash Atari ad

Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Games · September, 1984

The cutest new character on the computer gaming block is Rockford, the doe-eyed star of Boulder Dash.
This crusty little cave creature not only blinks his eyes randomly in a very life-like manner, but he even prompts gamers who are too slow on the stick by tapping his foot impatiently when left alone too long. His reminders aren't in vain, though, because each turn is a race against... [more]

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