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the big m - 02/09/2023
Okay, so a 5200 port.
The arcade is iconic with its clean b & w vector graphics look. This version does a nice job creating wire frame graphics. Although, the tank sprite is a little messy.

I like the ominous Flight of the Valkyries opening. And the gameplay is fast, especially left right.
Atari Frog - 21/01/2021
Homesoft is just one person who is more comfortable being called that way than by his real name. He not only "creates and archives compilation disks" but converts titles from other systems (Atari 5200 games, Boulder Dash caves from the Commodore 64, The Saga of Erik the Viking from the Amstrad CPC...) so we're perfectly fine calling him a programmer. Whether everything is legit or not is irrelevant, not only given the nature of some programs but also because Homesoft never pirates anything that shouldn't be distributed (if that's what you're alluding to). Finally, it has always been clear that we use the term "publisher" in a very broad and loose sense, this is something that hasn't changed since the inception of the site in 2003 and is even written in the 8-bit section intro blurb.
Scott Stilphen - 21/01/2021
Homesoft is not a programmer, nor are they a publisher. They create and archive compilation disks, none of which are official or 'legit' in any way.


BattleZone atari screenshot
BattleZone atari screenshot
BattleZone atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear2005
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari / Homesoft

Merrill, Alan / Homesoft

LicenseAtari 5200 Conversion
Graphic Artist(s)Medium
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari BattleZone Download

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