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Andreas Koch - 03/10/2008
Well, the original version of Bank Panik used Atari Basic with endless DATA lines (which meant a very long initilization time). Luckily the program had a simple code like e.g. FOR X=28672 TO 34986:X=USR (32768), so all one had to do was to run the Basic program, go back to DOS and then do a machine code save, like e.g. M (DOS 2.0/2.5 binary save)and then BANK.COM,7000,8600,,8000 - which was nothing more than "converting" the decimal numbers into hex and finally save as a pure ML file without any init. time... (note: just some examples here, did not use the real hex/dec. numbers)...

I would not call this a compiled version, it was just a ML version created from the Basic listing and its many DATA lines... (in my eyes compiled would mean that you used a Basic compiler or a TB XL compiler or something like that)...

-Andreas Koch.


Bank Panik atari screenshot
Bank Panik atari screenshot


LanguageBASICPublisherComputer Kontakt
ControlsDeveloperPropaganda Software

Schmidt, Oliver

Graphic Artist(s)Medium
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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