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Screenshots - Wings

Wings atari screenshot
Wings atari screenshot
Wings atari screenshot
Wings atari screenshot

Information - Wings

GenreSimulation - AirYear1983
ControlsJoystickPublisherCBS Electronics

Ross, Stuart

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Wings Download    Play it!Serial

Additional Comments - Wings

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CBS Electronics.

Wings was originally intended to be a 4K game, but it was decided that trying to cram a complete flight simulator into a tiny 4K cartridge was too difficult. Therefore Wings was shelved until the development of the RAM Plus chip (a 10.5K RAM chip) made it possible. It was originally assumed that Wings would use the Booster Grip controller for its complex controls, but when the prototype was finally found it was discovered that it supported not only the Booster Grip, but also a strange two joystick scheme instead. Apparently marketing wanted to add some clouds, but they never got implemented. Sadly CBS decided to pull the plug on Wings mere weeks before it was ready to be released when they closed down cartridge development on October 23rd 1983. The decision was made so late that promotional material (hats and scarves) and even a commercial had been made.

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Wings Atari catalog

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