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Comments (3)
arl - 14/06/2016
wonderful... made in 1979...5 years after 1984 pitfall.

chris - 13/04/2016
Great game very colourful until completed enjoyed playing when I was 13/14..
mark wolo - 05/01/2016
The first game that can actually be won. I always liked playing this game back in the day. It can be tough but its beatable. The graphics are average for its time as well as sounds tho they sound cool.

Screenshots - Superman

Superman atari screenshot
Superman atari screenshot
Superman atari screenshot
Superman atari screenshot
Superman atari screenshot
Superman atari screenshot

Information - Superman

GenreAdventure - Joystick-DrivenYear1979
ControlsJoystickPublisherAtari (USA)

Dunn, Jonathan

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Superman Download    Play it!SerialCX2631

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Two versions of this game exist. If you have the original version, hold the FIRE button down and tap the joystick in any direction. When 2 seconds have elapsed, release the button. You’re now free to capture the criminals since the bridge won’t blow up.

Stored at the end of the ROM is JOHN DUNN, the name of the programmer.

Cartridge - Superman

Superman Atari cartridge scan Superman Atari cartridge scan

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