Pac Man

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Hawthorn - 13/08/2014
I'm surprised to find this so high in the Top 100. Ms PacMan and Jr are far far better. Even in "the day" when video games were crazy exciting, I knew I got ripped off with this poorly programmed Pac Man. It's pretty bad.

Screenshots - Pac Man

Pac Man atari screenshot

Information - Pac Man

GenreArcade - Pac-ManYear1983
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryBrazil

Frye, Tod

Medium  Cartridge 
Dumpdownload atari Pac Man Download    Play it!SerialC-812

Cartridge - Pac Man

Pac Man Atari cartridge scan 

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Pac Man Atari instructions 

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Pac Man Atari catalog 
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