Battle of the Sexes

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Information - Battle of the Sexes

GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1982

Case, Michael

Medium Cartridge

Additional Comments - Battle of the Sexes

Multivision president Eugene Finkei talked about this game in the October 1983 issue of Videogaming and Computergaming Illustrated: 'Battle of the Sexes is played simultaneously by 2 players. It's very innocent. Each player has surrogate partners scrolling across the screen and must score with as many surrogates as possible while trying to knock out the surrogates of the other partner. There are different skill levels and variations: it can be played by 2 guys with girls scrolling across the screen or by women with men scrolling across the screen. To score, the player directs the figure to bounce together with the surrogate for a fraction of a second. No genitalia. And you don't shoot the other's surrogates, you merely get them out of the way.'

This title was long thought not to have even been started, but the programmer confirmed that the game was actually completely finished. According to the programmer: 'The only game other than Harem that I completed was Battle of the Sexes, which involved male and female figures coming together from the top and bottom of the screen, to either shoot each other or screw each other. The owners kept the only copy. It wasn't as good. It was basically like Pong. I knocked it out in a few weeks so we could say we had two games when we approached distributors.'

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