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Ben Coulson - 18/09/2005
  Action Force was a multi-national group of elite anti-terrorist specialists whose main job was to attempt to combat the menace of Cobra Commander (demented megalomaniac who was hell bent on taking over the world) and his brainwashed Cobra Shock Troops. In the game you faced his new (at the time) terror threat.
In the game you controlled a shield and two gun ports that sat on either side of the screen via a paddle control and the object of the game was to attempt to protect your men that ran from one building to the other at the bottom of the screen from the giant (and well animated cobra) which dominated the top half of the screen. You had to hit the Cobra several times in the eyes to destroy it which was not easy for it constantly swayed back and forth across the screen spitting deadly bombs at your running men. At the same time as attempting to shoot the Cobra you also had to manoeuvre the shield so that it constantly covered your men for it could block the bombs that the Cobra dropped. One of Parker Bros better titles

Screenshots - Action Man - Action Force

Action Man - Action Force atari screenshot
Action Man - Action Force atari screenshot
Action Man - Action Force atari screenshot
Action Man - Action Force atari screenshot
Action Man - Action Force atari screenshot

Information - Action Man - Action Force

GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1983
ControlsJoystick, PaddlesPublisherParker Brothers (USA)
Players1, 1 vs. 2, 2 (sim.), 2+CountryAustralia

Emerson, John

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Action Man - Action Force Download    Play it!Serial

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Other versions with the same title:

Parker Brothers (USA) (German), Parker Brothers (USA) (British), Parker Brothers (USA) (French).

Other versions with a different title:
Cobra Strike, Cobra Strikes, G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike.

Killing the 15th cobra causes the initials JE (for John Emerson) to appear. This can be done on either 1 or 2 player variations.

Parker Brothers held a contest in which you could win a Black Cobra Cap if you reached the 16th level.

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