1.15) Who designed the Atari 8-bit computers?

Many people were involved in the planning, design and engineering of the 8-bit
Atari computers.  This section attempts to identify the key engineering
personnel at Atari and their roles, with the understanding that such a list
necessarily oversimplifies the true nature of complex product development.

Some sources: https://archive.org/details/JoeDecuirEngineeringNotebook1977,

Atari 400/800 hardware designers:
Steven T. Mayer     - Chief system inventor/architect
Jay G. Miner        - Project manager, system architecture
Douglas G. Neubauer - POKEY designer (also wrote Star Raiders)
Joseph C. Decuir    - System co-inventor/co-architect; ANTIC designer
George McLeod       - CTIA/GTIA logic designer
R. Scott Scheiman   - Digital circuit designer; serial bus protocol
Francois Michel     - ANTIC logic co-designer
M. John Ellis       - Vice president (VP) of engineering
Wade B. Tuma        - Director of engineering
Niles E. Strohl     - Project engineering
John Vurich         - Product planning manager
Kevin P. McKinsey   - 800 industrial designer (case)
Hugh M. Lee         - 800 industrial designer (case)
Jeffery O. Nelson   - 400 industrial designer (case)
Douglas A. Hardy    - 400 industrial designer (case)
- Other notable contributors:
    - VP research and development Al Alcorn
    - Director of microelectronics Robert J. Brown
    - Programmers Al Miller, Larry Kaplan, Bob Whitehead
    - Coin-Op Division engineers Dave Stubben, Mike Albaugh
    - Cyan Engineering unit engineers including Ron Milner
- Chipset development technicians: Jim Luby (ANTIC), Steve Smith (CTIA),
   Mark Shieu (POKEY), Steve Stone (POKEY), Delwin Pearson (POKEY)

Atari 1200XL hardware designers:
Steven T. Mayer     - VP Research & product development
Gene B. Rosen       - VP engineering
David R. Stubben    - VP engineering
Larry Plummer       - Director of Engineering, production specification
David Owen Sovey    - Project engineering, production specification
Ajay Chopra         - System architect, production specification
Mark Lutvak         - Product manager, Director of Product Management
Regan L. Cheng      - Industrial designer (case)

Atari 600XL/800XL hardware designers:
Steven T. Mayer     - Atari SVP engineering; WCI Labs president
Gregg Squires       - Project Manager
Robert (Bob) Card   - Principal Engineer
Steven Ray          - Critical Electronics Layout Designer
Joel Moskowitz      - Mechanical Engineer
Philippe des Rioux  - Project engineer
Glenn Boles         - Project engineer
Ajay Chopra         - Parallel Bus Interface specification
Andrew Soderberg    - Product marketing manager
Regan L. Cheng      - Industrial designer (cases)

Atari 800XL("800XLF","SECAM ROSE")/65XE/130XE hardware designers:
Phil Suen           - Director of engineering
Vincent H. Wu       - Project manager
David Owen Sovey    - Project engineer
Richard C. Pasco    - FREDDIE logic design
John Skruch         - Product manager
Ira Velinsky        - 65XE/130XE industrial designer (cases)

XEgs/800XE hardware designers:
Jose A. Valdes      - Development engineer
John Skruch         - Product manager
Ira Velinsky        - Industrial designer (cases)

Atari Operating System designers and programmers are given elsewhere in this
FAQ List.
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