6.12) What personality boards were produced for the Atari 800?

This should be a complete list of personality boards released for the 800.

Atari CX801 10K ROM Personality Module (1979)
- 400/800 OS, C012399 Floating Point Package (FPP) + C012499 + C014599
- Early units: 400/800 OS Rev.A/NTSC
- Most units: 400/800 OS Rev.B/NTSC

Atari CX801-P 10K ROM Personality Module (1981)
- 400/800 OS Rev.A/PAL, C012399 (FPP) + C015199 + C015299

L.E. Systems disk drive (1982)
- Device is a personality board (oversized) for the 800
- Detailed elsewhere in this FAQ list (using industry standard floppy disk

Ramrod MMOS Custom Operating System Board, by Newell Industries (1982)
- Five ROM chip sockets
   - Two sockets for standard 400/800 OS chips or direct replacements
   - One socket for standard 400/800 FPP chip or direct replacement
   - Two sockets for addressing the 4KiB byte block of memory at $C000
      - Only one socket can address the entire 4KiB block.  In order to use
        two 4KiB chips, a hardware toggle switch must be utilized.
      - These two sockets can be reconfigured to support standard 400/800 OS
        chips or direct replacements.  A hardware toggle switch is then used
        to select between the two OS versions installed on the Ramrod.
- Earliest units shipped with Supermon! by David Young and 4KiB RAM, and
  optionally also shipped with 8KiB EPROM (two 4KiB chips)
- Other early units shipped with Omnimon! by CDY Consulting and 4KiB RAM, and
  optionally also shipped with 8KiB EPROM (two 4KiB chips)
- Later/Most units shipped with both Newell OSN and (standard 4KiB) Omnimon!
- "Ramrod 2" shipped with OSN but without Omnimon!
- "Ramrod 3" shipped with neither OSN nor Omnimon!
- Board designed by System Innovations for Newell

Integrater, with built-in smallDOS, by ADS (1983)
- For Corvus hard disk drive and/or Axlon-compatible RAMdisk users
- Software & hardware design by D.S.S.A. (David & Sandy Small and
  Associates); sales support by Adams Computer Systems, Inc. (Allan Adams)
- RAMdisk runs about 2 times faster than original Axlon MMS RAMdisk
- RAMdisk can be designated as any drive without system reboot or using an
  application program
- Can boot the Atari directly from the Corvus
- The Corvus can boot directly into an application program using standard
  Atari AUTORUN.SYS techniques and programs
- Resident Mount Table Editor (replacement for Corvus "Mount" program) with
  Corvus, Axlon RAMdisk, and standard floppy disk drive support

MEM/EX, by Prairie Physics (1983)
- Requires 400/800 OS chips moved from a CX801
- Adds 4KiB RAM at $C000
- Switch/program-selectable write-protection
- Shipped with COM/EX software utility package on diskette
   - Resides in MEM/EX RAM
   - Adds ten new direct-mode commands for use with Atari BASIC or
     Assembler Editor
   - Machine-language monitor

Incognito, by Sebastian Bartkowicz (Candle'O'Sin), 2012
- 4 slots for OS separate for Colleen and XL/XE mode
- 64KiB of flash memory for future GUI
- 2 slots for BASIC/cartridge
- Built-in, configurable CF card storage
  (works as PBI in XL/XE mode, and through SDX driver in Colleen mode)
- Built-in FAT32 loader (SIDE) with both ATR and XEX file handling
- SpartaDOS X
- Onboard RTC - Real Time Clock
- 1MiB Axlon compatible memory expansion for Colleen mode
- 64KiB/320KiB/576KiB/1088KiB total memory available in XL/XE mode
- Up to 52KiB of memory in Colleen mode (configurable)
- Developer site: http://spiflash.org/index.php/block/29.html
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