8.3) What cartridges were released for the Right Slot of the 800?

This should be a complete list of commercial cartridges produced for use in
the Right Cartridge slot of the Atari 800.

- ACE-80 by Claus Buchholz for Amiable Computer Enhancements / TNT Computing
  (80 column editor, compatible with Atari BASIC, and patches available for:
  OS/A+, EASMD, Letter Perfect v.6, Data Perfect, Atari Logo)
   - Based on DT-80, the Atari/ATR8000 80-Column Dumb Terminal Emulator
     cartridge by Claus Buchholz for Amiable Computer Enhancements, 1984
- Adapta-Cartridge B: by Microsota, Inc.
- Austin 80 Console Software by Austin Franklin Associates
  (for use with the Austin 80 Column Video Processor Board)
- Block (first right cartridge; first "backup" program hardware device)
- Cartridge Maker by Radical Systems (EPROM burner)
- KISS by Eastern House
- Magic Dump by Geminisoft/Eric Wolz for Sar-An Computer Products (SCP)
- Magic Dump II by Geminisoft/Eric Wolz for Sar-An Computer Products (SCP)         
- Monkey Wrench by Eastern House
- Monkey Wrench II (original 800 version) by Eastern House
   - Note: There is also a Monkey Wrench II for Atari XL version that works
     with XL/XE computers except 1200XL
- R-Time 8 by ICD (battery-backed clock, for left or right cartridge slots)
- Real Time Cartridge by Sunmark
- Right Cartridge which boots the Atari from the Corvus disk system.
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