10.2) How can my other computer utilize my Atari disk drive?

==> 1050-2-PC function of SIO2PC 4.x, by Nick Kennedy
Allows a PC to communicate directly with an Atari disk drive.  Requires
"1050-2-PC" cable which is very similar to the SIO2PC cable but configured
differently.  Software allows direct sector I/O with the Atari drive and can
be used to create disk images which will emulate copy protection schemes when
run on SIO2PC.  Supports the .ATR disk image format.
More 1050-2-PC information: http://pages.suddenlink.net/wa5bdu/1050.txt
SIO2PC home page: http://pages.suddenlink.net/wa5bdu/sio2pc.htm

Additional cable/interface designs and sources:
- http://www.asselheim.de/atari/1050-pc.htm  (Frank Heuser)
- SIO2PC/10502PC Dual-USB (Ray Ataergin)

==> APE ProSystem, by Steven Tucker
- The ProSystem hardware is a cable designed to allow connection of a stock
  1050 disk drive directly to a PC's serial port for use by the companion
  ProSystem software.  Latest version:
  Atarimax Universal SIO2PC/ProSystem interface, USB or RS-232/Serial versions
- The ProSystem software program is used to create (protected or unprotected)
  .PRO format disk images.  These disk images can then be accessed by the
  Atari using Steven Tucker's Atari Peripheral Emulator (APE) cable/software.

==> atarixfer module of AtariSIO package, by Matthias Reichl, 2002-
Used to read/write disk images from/to a Atari drive connected to your Linux
box with an 1050-2-PC cable or an APE ProSystem cable.  Requires a 2.2, 2.4,
2.6 or 3.x series Linux kernel (with enabled module support) and a serial port
with a 16550 or 16C950 compatible chip.  Supports the .ATR disk image format.
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