6.1.5) How can I use an ISA device with my Atari?

(Background derived from Wikipedia)
Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) is a computer bus standard for IBM PC
compatible computers introduced with the IBM Personal Computer (1981) to
support its Intel 8088 microprocessor's 8-bit external data bus, and extended
to 16 bits in 1984 for the IBM Personal Computer/AT with Intel 80286.  The ISA
bus was further extended for use with 32-bit processors as Extended Industry
Standard Architecture (EISA) in 1988.

RoBue (Roland Buehler) of the Stuttgart ABBUC Regional Group has produced
project plans for an ISA-Bus Interface for Atari 800XL/130XE Computer.

Carsten Strotmann has released source code showing how to access a Hercules
video card with the ISA-Bus Interface: http://preview.tinyurl.com/po6yyys
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