6.1.6) How can I use a USB device with my Atari?

"Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.0" was published January 15,
1996, with industry participation from Compaq, Digital Equipment Corporation,
IBM PC Company, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Northern Telecom.  The
specification describes the bus attributes, the protocol definition, types of
transactions, bus management, and the programming interface required to design
and build systems and peripherals that are compliant with this standard.  The
USB 1.0 full speed signaling bit rate is 12 Mbit/s; a limited capability low
speed signaling mode is also defined at 1.5 Mbit/s.  USB 2.0 (2000) added a
480 Mbit/s mode; USB 3.0 (2008) added a 5 Gbit/s mode.

Beginning in 1997 USB ports gradually replaced RS-232 serial and Centronics-
type parallel ports on modern personal computers, becoming the primary means
for connecting external devices such as a keyboard, mouse, joystick, speaker,
microphone, modem, webcam, scanner, printer, or mass storage device.

The following project aims to provide USB compatibility to the Atari:

MicroUSB.org - Microprocessor USB Project, http://microusb.org/
Project USB Cartridge
    * Project Name  : USB Cartridge with two USB Slots
    * Project Start : Summer 2002
    * Project Member: Marc Brings, Thomas Grasel, Harry Reminder,
                      Guus Assmann, Carsten Strotmann


Atarimax(Steven Tucker)/ABBUC USB Cartridge:
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